About Me

Javier Trujillo is a professional combat sports athlete fighting in: Mixed Martial Arts, Bare Knuckle Boxing, and Submission Grappling and is currently a Engineer/ Squad Leader for a wildland fire crew for a local Municipal Fire department in Northern Nevada. Javi was nominated to be the Libertarian Party Of Nevada’s candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Nevada.

Javi Trujillo is committed to the mission statement of the LPN “To tirelessly and consistently defend the freedoms of Nevadans”. His goal this election is to educate and bring awareness to the different actions and policies we can enact to make Nevada one of the leading states in this country by reinstating a true free market economy that will bring abundance and prosperity back to the state. Educating our youth about the importance of personal responsibility.

His belief that if we make personal responsibility a cornerstone trait for the youth of Nevada it will lead to more personal freedoms and help us regain some of the civil liberties that have been taken away over the last few decades from rival political parties. He believes a free and well informed citizen will lead to a better functioning society for Nevada: “what is good for the individual is inherently good for the society as a whole”. Internationally promoting a free trade policy and non-interventionist diplomacy as ways for peace in international conflicts. Stop sending our youth to meaningless wars.

Javi has been fighting wildfires for over a decade and gained the title of hotshot fire crew member, Engine Boss in the Pacific North West, and during last year's destructive fire season in northern Nevada he worked to defend lives and property from the devastating destruction of the Tamarack and Caldor fires. Javi is currently working on projects removing fire fuels as preventive mitigation in the Carson Valley and Tahoe basin. Javier is currently the welterweight champion in the Thailand MMA promotion, Middleweight Bare Knuckle Boxing Champion contender for BKB Promotion in England, and multiple time grappling champion.

He holds certifications as a Emergency Medical Technician, Engine Boss and Squad Leader for fire crews and runs his own Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai Academy in Carson City NV